Romulus town board makes changes to zoning laws as plans for incinerator continue

Apr 20, 2018

Opponents to a plan to put a waste-to-energy plant in the town of Romulus are applauding the town board’s decision to adopt a revised town zoning law.

Supervisor David Kaiser says the town of Romulus never wanted to allow waste storage or processing on the former Army Depot property.

Circular enerG is proposing building a trash incinerator there, and Kaiser says the town’s original intent was different than what was put forth in a letter by the town’s zoning officer.

“The words that were used in the zoning did not clearly show the intent that the Romulus Zoning Board had in its regulations regarding the uses on the depot property and town in general,” he said. 

He says the amendments to the zoning law clarifies the town’s intent that it doesn’t want garbage handling or processing at the former depot.

“The board never, ever expressed any support for this project.” he said.

Attorney for circular enerG, Alan Knauf, says the project is under an Article 10 review by the state siting board, which preempts the town’s legislation.

“It’s not up to the town to decide whether to approve the project, so it goes to the state siting board,” he said.

Knauf says the town's zoning law changes should be irrelevant.

He says he’s confident plans for the waste-to-energy plant will move forward, calling it is a great project that complies with state law.

Romulus Town Supervisor Kaiser says the town hopes Circular enerG will reconsider, cut their losses, and pull the project out of consideration.