Romeo: Voters reject dirty local politics

Nov 8, 2017

Credit Mustafa Hussain for WXXI News

The chair of Monroe County's Democratic Committee can't remember a local election night that had the number of big wins her party scored on Tuesday.

"The fact that we were able to have so many wins in one night within one cycle....I don't know that there is a year that we can point to that had similar results,” said Jamie Romeo.

Democrats unseated longtime incumbents in the races for Monroe County Sheriff, and supervisor in the towns of Henrietta and Clarkson. Democrats also won the only County Legislature seat that was up for grabs, and two town council seats in Pittsford.

Romeo said national politics did have an effect on the local level to the extent that it mobilized voters and some first-time candidates.

"Obviously, Donald Trump and the presidency have a lot more people talking about and paying attention to government. If we got a message from last night, I think it's clearly that the dirty local politics that we have seen have come to an end and voters have rejected that."

Romeo said the Monroe County Democratic Party, which had its share of divisions in a hotly contested mayoral primary a few months ago, came together behind the candidacy of Todd Baxter because leaders across the party believed in him.

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