Rochester manufacturer TruForm adding 21 jobs with expansion

Nov 20, 2017

Credit Empire State Manufacturing

A local maker of precision sheet metal products is expanding.

According to Empire State Development, TruForm Manufacturing, located on North Clinton Avenue in Rochester, recently installed new production equipment to service its medical customers.

Officials say TruForm has already hired 21 new employees due to the expansion, and they say another 40 jobs at the company have been retained.

To help with the expansion, New York State offered up to $350,000 through the Excelsior Jobs Program in exchange for job commitments. The total cost of the project was $500,000.

In 2015, TruForm’s CEO, Tyrone Reaves, created the Young Adult Manufacturing Training Employment Program. That’s an initiative is aimed at providing the chronically unemployed and unskilled with the training needed to secure a job.

Officials say that sofar, 84 students have graduated from the program, 68 have secured jobs, including nine at TruForm Manufacturing