Rochester Bike Week wants you to get out and ride

May 12, 2018

Credit Rochester Cycling Alliance

Events around Rochester will be celebrating two-wheeled transportation this week.

Rochester Bike Week, started by the Rochester Cycling Alliance, wants to encourage more people to get out and ride bicycles, both as transportation and just for fun.

Jesse Peers volunteers with that group, and has watched biking change in Rochester over the years.

"I do see more and more people out on bikes each year now we have that bike share program, but it is a very bikeable community, we keep rising in the national rankings."

May is also National Bike Month.

Peers says they want to encourage people who can cycle to get out on their bikes more for the positive health reasons, but also because it saves money.

"I haven’t had a car in four and a half years so I’m saving about $6,000 a year by not needing a car, there’s so many reasons to bike."

Events include a tour of the southeast neighborhood and a ride of silence, remembering those who have lost their lives in a biking accident.

He says most of the events are group rides around the city, to connect all the biking communities in Rochester.

"Rochester is fortunate to have quite a robust cycling scene, but all these groups are quite disparate and so the Rochester Cycling Alliance serves as the connecting thread between these various scattered bike organizations, and over the past couple of years we've set up a centralized calendar."

Events and group rides run daily through May 20th.