RMSC President Heads to San Antonio

Dec 14, 2017

The Rochester Museum and Science Center is looking for a new Chief Science Officer. Daniel Menelly has held that role since he was hired there three years ago, and retained it when he became President in May. But he’s stepping down to become CEO at the DoSeum, an interactive children’s museum in Texas.

“I have long admired The DoSeum's model conceptually and I consider San Antonio a very exciting setting for informal (out-of-the-classroom) learning in all its forms,” Menelly said in a release for the DoSeum.

Like the Science Center, the Doseum emphasizes hands-on learning and nurtures a love for STEM subjects in youth. Menelly will start in his new position there February 1, giving Science Center administration roughly six weeks to find his replacement.

And that won’t be easy. According to Kate Bennett, CEO of RMSC, Menelly expanded their programming, exhibits and outreach tremendously. In fact, he’s the first to serve in that position and Bennett said he’ll be missed.

“We’ve been delighted with the work he’s done here,” said Bennett. “He’s made tremendous accomplishments and we have new exhibit ideas that we’ve brought to life. He’s helped us evolve our exhibits and programs.”

Bennett said they’ve already starting searching for a new Chief Science Officer but they’re not exactly in a rush; it’s more about finding the right person.

“We love having a Chief Science Officer and he was the first person to fill this position,” said Bennett. “We’re going to go out and do it again. We’re going to mount a search and we’re going to find another wonderful person who’s going to take the institution forward.”