"Requiem" Exhibit Will be Housed at Eastman House

Rochester, NY – A popular exhibit of photographs from the Vietnam War is finding a permanent home in Rochester's International Museum of Photography.

The George Eastman House is will get to keep the photos from anexhibit titled, "Requiem: By the Photographers Who Died in Vietnam and Indochina.''

The exhibit's 300-plus photos were donated by Vietnam War photographers Tim Page and Horst Faas. Fass is the London-based senior photo editor for The Associated Press.

The museum is planning worldwide tours of the exhibit. While the war photographs won't be re-exhibited at the Eastman House, they can be viewed by appointment later this year.

Page and Faas organized the exhibit and co-edited the 1997 book also called "Requiem.'' They compiled images from photojournalists killed in 30 years of fighting in Southeast Asia.

The "Requiem'' exhibit recently finished a five-month run a tthe Eastman House. It was one of the museum's most popular, ever.