Reports: FBI raids offices of developer Robert Morgan

May 14, 2018

Credit Spectrum News

Various reports indicate that FBI agents raided the Pittsford offices of local developer Robert Morgan on Monday morning.

An FBI spokeswoman said that agents were “conducting court-authorized activity” at 1080 Pittsford-Victor Road, but could not comment beyond that.

That location is the headquarters of Morgan Management and CEO Robert Morgan.

The raids follow a report in the Buffalo News last fall that FBI agents were examining financial transactions by his companies

The D&C also reported last September that a federal investigation into companies headed up by Morgan focused on questions involving bank loans for his real estate portfolio and information that was submitted regarding financing for Buffalo area projects.

Morgan has interests in a number of residential and other buildings in the Rochester area and is also involved in the proposed performing arts center and residential project at Parcel 5 in the downtown area.

Mayor Lovely Warren responded to the raid saying those projects will go on as planned.
 "We believe in the justice system, and we know that the scales of justice will always balance and the FBI has to do their review and I guess that's what they're doing. As it pertains to the city of Rochester, we haven't had any inquiries from our law department that we know about." 

Warren says the city isn't aware of what the FBI might be looking for, and that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.