Red Wings: "the season is not in jeopardy"

Jan 29, 2018

Back in August, 2017, Naomi Silver (l) and Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo announced an agreement had been reached. But five months later, it's still a work in progress
Credit Randy Gorbman

The Rochester Red Wings baseball season is just a few weeks away, but the team has not finalized a lease agreement to play at Frontier Field.

But the season is not in jeopardy, according to Red Wings President and CEO Naomi Silver. 

She says some issues remain with the lease, however, including the long-term viability of the stadium.

"If we're going to sign a lease for ten years, making sure that the stadium is well kept and really has the amenities that our fans in Rochester need and deserve," she said.

Silver says that will take a "fairly significant" amount of money, and she wants to make sure the county is willing to expend what is necessary to do that.

She says there are other financial issues that also need to be worked out.

The Red Wings maintain this will be there home again in 2018.
Credit Alex Crichton

Right now the team has a month-to-month lease agreement, and even without a long-term deal in place, Silver there will be baseball at Frontier Field on Opening Day, April 6th.

"Our season is not in jeopardy.  As far as we're concerned we will play our season at Frontier Field, without a doubt," she says.

She says they are working with the county on a "very regular basis" to try to hammer out the details to the team's lease at Frontier Field.

WXXI asked Monroe County for comment and a spokesman sent us this statement: "The County and the team are actively negotiating the final details of the agreement and we look forward to having a long-term lease in place soon."