RCSD Valedictorians Honored at City Hall

Jun 5, 2012

High school valedictorians in the city school district received special honors Monday.

Mayor Tom Richards recognized 18 students at City Hall who were selected to represent their school’s graduating class.

William Hough, valedictorian at Charlotte High School, says he wants his peers to understand that the harder they work, in spite of the challenges they may face, the better the outcomes, "I want people to think that regardless of what happens in school, what changes we go through, if you work hard you'll always get what you deserve and you'll get there as long as you keep trying."

Hough says while his high school years were challenging - they were also a great learning experience. The highlight of his high school career: getting married a few months ago.

Hough says being selected valedictorian of his high school class is an opportunity to set an example for his peers and his younger brother.