Protestors say Hotel Cadillac symbolic of gentrification issue in the city

Jun 8, 2018

The Hotel Cadillac is symbolic of what's happening in the city or Rochester in terms of gentrification.

That's according to Sister Grace Miller with the House of Mercy.

She led protesters from the Homeless Union of Rochester and others in front of the Hotel Cadillac, which is now closed and future plans for the building are unclear.

But Miller says they believe it will be turned into luxury apartments, not affordable housing for low income people.

"Many of our people are on SSI, they only get 820 a month, if their rent is 800 or 700 or 600 or a thousand, they're excluded already.  So we have a real issue here in the city," she said.

This note is posted on the door of the Hotel Cadillac

Miller points to one resident, Candice Mosgrove, who was in the hospital and is now locked out. 

The group wants to be able to put her back in the building, and if she is to be evicted, the owners should go through the proper legal process.

WXXI has reached out to the owners of the Hotel Cadillac for comment, but our calls and emails have not been returned.

Nicholas Coulter is co-founder of Person Centered Housing.

His organization, along with the County, found new housing for ten of the 12 residents that they contacted at the Hotel Cadillac.

Protesters in front of the Hotel Cadillac

He says developers that provide high-cost housing should also be required to provide low-income housing as well.

"I think integration of our community creates more community and opportunities for people. And when we segregate people, you see what can occur.  You know, larger problems, larger macro issues like racism, and socio-economic issues," he said.

Coulter says the fact that two people from the Hotel Cadillac didn't find a residence really bothers him, and it's a scary thought that some people may turn up on the streets or in shelters.

Here's Sister Grace Miller outside the Hotel Cadillac talking about the issue of gentrification in the city of Rochester:

Sister Grace Miller says at least one of the tenants is now locked out of her legal residence: