The process to fill the 25th Congressional seat

Apr 13, 2018

Four Democratic candidates have filed the necessary petitions to get on the ballot for the 25th Congressional District seat, formerly held by the late Louise Slaughter.

They are former TV journalist Rachel Barnhart, Brighton Town Board Member Robin Wilt, Rochester City Council Vice President Adam McFadden, and Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle.

Morelle is also running on the Working Families, Independence, and Women's Equality Lines.

Dr. Jim Maxwell is running on the Republican, Conservative and Reform Party lines.

Monroe County Elections Commissioner Tom Ferrarese says a draw next week will determine where the Democratic candidates appear on the ballot.

Ballot positions will be determined Tuesday
Credit monroecounty.gov

"We're kind of waiting somewhat in the process to see if there any general objections to be filed.  That won't hold us up from doing the draw because if any objections occur and if someone were to be disqualified from the ballot we'd take them out of the draw numbers," he said.

After that, it's a federal primary election in June.

"We're moving ahead, forward to get ready to do a primary on June 26th, and pulling together all the pieces that we need to do that with the candidates that have filed petitions," he said.

Ferrarese says the governor still needs to call for a special election to fill the seat, and he could call for it on the same day as the general election in November.

He says that would be the most cost effective way to do it for taxpayers.