Penfield officials say Clark House purchase will cost a bit less than originally projected

Apr 2, 2018

Town of Penfield officials say they will be able to reduce the cost to taxpayers a little for the purchase of a property related to the recent vote on Shadow Pines.

When town residents recently approved the purchase of the former golf course and the nearby Clark House parcel, they voted to give the town the right to borrow $3.65 million dollars.

But Town Supervisor Tony LaFountain says because sales tax revenue last year came in higher than expected, the town will be able to buy the Clark House rather than borrow the money. 

He says that will bring down the cost to an average homeowner to between $9 and $10 a year rather than $11  a year for 29 years.

And LaFountain says what’s just as important is the fact the town will have more flexibility in determining how the Clark House is used.

“As you bond property you get into, if you go to use it for some particular use, you might run into some IRS and taxation requirements, and so by purchasing outright, we will eliminate that, not have to bond it, and give us the greatest flexibility as the board, working with the community, decides what is the best use for that property,” LaFountain told WXXI News.

The town board will vote on the Clark House purchase on Wednesday.

Previously the Clark House was used as a pro shop and restaurant and LaFountain says the town will be looking at uses for that building, as well as the golf course itself.

The town board will take another vote later this month regarding the bonding needed to buy the land, and then  a committee will be formed among Penfield residents to look at possible uses for the former Shadow Pines golf course and Clark House.