Newly Discovered Collection Of Susan B. Anthony Letters

Aug 26, 2014

Susan B. Anthony & Rachel Foster Avery
Credit rochester.edu

The University of Rochester has acquired a newly discovered collection of letters written by Susan B. Anthony to another women's rights activist, Rachel Foster Avery.

The letters were written from 1881 through the turn of the century, and were acquired last week by the U of R's River Campus libraries.

The collection includes more than 60 letters, along with cards, photographs and other material.  The university purchased the items from two auction houses and Vice Provost Mary Ann Mavrinac says this "augments what is arguably the nation's strongest manuscript collection related to the long working and personal relationship between Anthony and Avery."

Anthony, a Rochester resident from 1845 until her death in 1906, successfully persuaded the University of Rochester to admit women in 1900.  The university already has a number of important holdings related to Susan B. Anthony's role in women's suffrage.

Plans are underway to begin digitizing the new materials in the coming weeks.