New URMC Leader says ACA Challenges Funding Models

Sep 18, 2014

School of Medicine and Dentistry Dr. Dean Mark Taubman will take over University of Rochester Medical Center’s lead role starting at the beginning of next year. The CEO-designate recognizes the position comes with challenges as the country changes health care funding models.

Taubman thanked Berk, saying he is leaving at the top of his career with a strong and supportive culture at URMC. It’s a culture Taubman says he will emulate.

He categorizes the institution as strong, but also recognizes teaching hospitals face potential losses in federal funding linked new structures in Medicaid and Medicare.

Overall, Taubman says it will be a delicate balancing act to ensure URMC educates enough new doctors for the community, keeps costs down for consumers, and ensures the institution is financially strong.

“Whether there was an Affordable Care Act or not, we know it's not healthy if our health care costs are greater than 20 percent of the gross domestic product. So we have to provide high quality care at a lower cost. We've done well in Rochester. We're been a leader,” said Taubman.