New, slower speed limits coming to parts of Irondequoit

Apr 18, 2018

The Irondequoit Town Board has unanimously voted to amend the town speed limit to 30 mph.

The town says these changes now align the speed limit in Irondequoit with neighboring suburbs that already have lowered their speed limits on their local roads.

This change will largely affect local roadways in Irondequoit.

The speed limit on most county roads will remain at 35 mph. Parts of Cooper Road, Titus Avenue and the north ends of St Paul Boulevard and Culver Road will be reduced to 30 mph.

The new law also creates reduced school speed zones at 25 mph on county roads during school hours in the area near Seneca School, Rogers School and Laurelton-Pardee School.

Lastly, the board has elected to lower the speed limit to 25 mph on certain town roads immediately adjacent to schools.

Changes will go into effect July 1 after the correct signage is up.