New microbrewery is a breakfast spot, too

Feb 28, 2018

Mayor Warren and other officials cut the ribbon on the new microbrewery in Rochester
Credit Alex Crichton

The newest microbrewery in Rochester also brews its own coffee and serves home-made meals, as well.

Officials cut the ribbon today to welcome Fifth Frame Brewing Company at 155 Saint Paul Street downtown.

Co-owner Jon Mervine says they're different from the other breweries.

"The idea behind the whole business model is that you can start your day with us, come in and have a mid-day pick me up, and you can also end your day with us," he said.

No signage yet, but Fifth Frame Brewing is open for business in the St. Paul Quarter

Mervine and co-owners Wade Reed and Jarred Foster share another passion: bowling. 

And that's where the name Fifth Frame Brewing comes from.

Traditionally the fifth frame in bowling is the "beer frame."

And the owners use wood from lanes from an old bowling alley as tabletops in the establishment.

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren helped cut the ribbon on the new establishment, which she says fits in nicely with the St. Paul Quarter.

Co-owner Jon Mervine talks about their different business model

"It's a hub for our millennial population.  The median age for individuals living in these buildings is 31.  And so to be able to live upstairs, come downstairs, grab something to eat, or come and have a social hour with friends is something that is exciting," she said.

Warren says Fifth Frame Brewing is the first business in the state that brews coffee and beer under one roof, and it should help attract visitors and create jobs in downtown Rochester.