Maintaining sobriety through the holidays

Nov 23, 2017

Credit ventileit / freeimages.com

Holidays are known to be big drinking events sometimes and when one member of the family is working to stay sober, that can be a difficult situation.

Co Founder of ROCovery Fitness Yana Khashper said for sober people attending these types of gatherings its best to have a plan, for both what to do if you get triggered and what to do when family members you haven’t seen in a while asks you about it.

"Sometimes really the bottom line is family may not understand the disease of addiction. I know my family doesn't quite understand it, so i don't explain it to them as a disease or my experiences, I more or less try and not to talk about it."

Khashper said its different for every person, how they choose to deal with these interactions, and that sobriety isn't a one size fits all situation.

"There might be relational kind of difficulties at times especially when people are new in sobriety and maybe have had some consequences from their drinking that their family hasn't quite accepted yet.

She said sometimes asking hosts to not serve alcohol is the best way to go.

Also peer support, having people you know you can call or text from a gathering if needed.