Lollypop Farm cleaning up after contagious feline virus diagnosis

Oct 8, 2017

Credit lollypop.org

Lollypop Farm will be closed Tuesday October 10th for a precautionary deep clean of the organization’s main Fairport location.

A kitten at Lollypop was recently diagnosed with feline distemper.

Ashley Zeh, spokesperson for Lollypop Farm said the virus is highly contagious and can threaten the life of kittens and cats.

"People are wearing protective things over their clothes so we're making sure we're not exposing anymore kittens to any contagions."

Despite the high risk of spreading, Zeh wanted to stress that the cleaning is purely precautionary.

"We don’t take any illness in the shelter lightly. All of the animals that were potentially exposed have been quarantined, are being looked at and being cleared."

Zeh said all animals that come to Lollypop are vaccinated on intake, but if your animal experiences symptoms including  vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy and a lack of an appetite, you should contact your vet.

The cleaning started Sunday and the facility will remain closed through Tuesday.

Lollypop Farm was set to close anyway for the Columbus Day holiday, and it will reopen on Wednesday.

The shelter is seeking donations of towels during this time to help with the cleaning effort.