Local Teens Showcase Documentaries at Screening

May 10, 2012

Local teen filmmakers are giving viewers an inside look at the issues that impact youth, and they’re doing it through mini-documentaries.

Teens involved in the Raising 100,000 Voices Project shared their films with the public Wednesday night at a special screening at The Little Theatre.

Matthew Cruz’s film “The Legend of The Myth” was part of the screening. He says through his work on the project he’s learned how to express his feelings through video, “And show how I want to come across. Like if I want to explain something I can show it better through video than I can really talk. And I learned that I can actually talk in front of, I used to have stage fright so I can now talk in front of more people."

The screening was sponsored by WXXI, The University of Rochester Medical Center and partner agencies.

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