Landmark Society: "Five to Revive"

Oct 18, 2017

The Landmark Society of Western New York is announcing its 2017 Five to Revive list. That's a list that identifies opportunities for targeted, strategic revitalization.

The goal is to return historic venues to a place of prominence, so that they become economic and social assets that spark even more investment and revitalization.

The five locations include the Elim Bible Institute in the village of Lima; Lehigh Valley Railroad Roundhouse in Manchester; Hotel DeMay in Greece; Tent City in Rochester, and front porches of houses throughout Western New York.

Wayne Goodman, the executive director of the Landmark Society, says just being on the list, has helped encourage preservation efforts locally.

“I think that in the past five years, we’ve certainly seen some instances where our listing has leveraged both government grants and also private investor financing. So, depending on what the listing is, the type of funding would vary perhaps,” Goodman told WXXI News.

He says the Landmark Society has heard from various grassroots organization that being put on the ‘five to revive list,’ helps raise awareness and money for preservation.

Caitlin Meives, is a preservation planning with the Landmark Society. As far as the more unusual sounding selection, “the Front Porch” is concerned, she notes that front porches are an integral part of the urban environment.

“I think it’s a way to draw attention as a resource for folks to fix their historic porches, is to use the state’s historic tax credit program for homeowners.”

Officials with the Landmark Society say they try to come up with a list that represents a diverse selection of buildings, landscapes and preservation issues, and one which is spread out geographically.