Judge Astacio facing more accusations about probation violations

Oct 20, 2017

Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio is facing accusations again that she violated terms of her probation.

According to court paperwork, Astacio contacted her probation officer earlier this month to get permission to travel to Syracuse on business.

The officer granted permission, and Astacio was told to provide specific dates of travel and where she was staying.  But according to the court papers, the probation officer then contacted Asstacio only to learn she was already in Syracuse.

The papers also say that the probation officer was informed that Astacio had stopped at del Lago Casino.

Astacio is due back in court on Monday to answer to the latest violation and previous violations.

The probation dates back to a conviction of misdemeanor drunk driving in 2016. Astacio has not been presiding over any cases, but continues to be paid.