IBERO hosting workshops to get families from Puerto Rico working again

Feb 27, 2018

Credit ssva / freeimages.com

A job readiness and resume writing workshop was hosted by IBERO Tuesday to help people affected by Hurricane Maria get jobs in Rochester.

Next Tuesday 3/6, a job fair will be held at their East Main Street location from 10-2pm.

Patricia Cruz-Irving, Director of Development and Communications with IBERO says there are obviously different ways to look for jobs in either place.

"The way you may apply for a job in Puerto Rico is not necessarily the way you may apply for a job here in Rochester. So we want to make sure that they have the best experts working with them to go over their resume, to highlight the skills, and to really just help them prepare for every aspect of a job interview."

Cruz-Irving says the business community has been very receptive, reaching out saying they have jobs available for bilingual workers, it’s just a matter of connecting and getting people interview ready.

She says even though the storm was months ago, help is still actively needed. They just had a meeting to decide whether to keep the Multi Agency Resource Center or MARC running that opened in November.

"And the resounding response was yes, because we still have families that are coming to us. For example, the number has gone down a little bit, but we still have at least 50 - 70 individuals that are coming to the Multi Agency Resource Center for assistance."

Donations are also still being accepted for families recovering from the storm in Rochester: Items such as furniture, household goods and money for security deposits. You can find more information on their website, call at 585-256-8900, or send an email.