Honeoye Lake seeing some algal blooms

Jun 11, 2018

Credit WXXI News

Algal blooms are beginning to pop up in area lakes.

Recently added to the DEC’s weekly list of harmful algal blooms was Honeoye Lake.

Mary Beer is the Public Health Director for Ontario County and says they come and go, so people using the lake for recreation just need to be aware and to avoid swimming, boating or letting pets near them.

She says blooms have nothing to do with the seasons, they dependent on a number of factors.

"So, if you have a lot of hot days and a lot of sun days or you’ve had a lot of run off in the spring with a lot of nutrients going into the lake and a lot of shifting winds that bring it from here to there."

The blooms in Honeoye have been listed as "small and localized."

Beer says they’re not trying to deter people from enjoying the lakes, just to be aware of their surroundings.