Groups rally to oppose new tax bill

Dec 3, 2017

Women's March in Washington Square Park, January 2017
Credit Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

A rally on Sunday afternoon in downtown Rochester gave people unhappy with the new tax bill proposal a chance to speak out.

Representatives from different communities who feel they will be hurt by the bill plan spoke at the event at Washington Square Park, including Ericka Jones who is advocating for disability rights.

Jones works for the Center for Disability Rights and says the bill will affect many people in different ways, but plans to speak on how it will change the lives of those with disabilities.

"Our lives are not being valued. With the tax bill - we used to be able to write off medical equipment and medical expenses that met a certain criteria, and that has been taken out."

Jones said the ADA reform act is also not helping the community, making it harder to submit ADA violations.

She said between the two, they can't help but feel attacked.

"Its incredibly frustrating  for us because many of us live on a limited income and that money from medical expenses could mean the difference between being able to pay our bills or not."

Jones says the late night hustle to pass the bill only shows its weaknesses and that the bill is lifting up people who don’t need the help.