Golisano will challenge lake home tax assessment on annual Grievance Day

May 21, 2018

Credit Tianna Manon / WXXI News

Grievance Day is the fourth Tuesday in May in most communities. That day is May 22nd this year.

Tentative assessment rolls, which list the assessed value of each property, are generally made public in the beginning of May. You can access the rolls on your town’s or city’s website, or by visiting your local assessor’s office.

Cary Ziter is a spokesperson for New York State tax department.

"Whether its property taxes, personal income taxes, sales tax, we really believe in the right to protest an assessment if you don't think its correct, in all those taxes, and thats certainly the case with property taxes."

He says you can support assessment dispute claims with documentation about the sale of comparable homes or properties in your community.

"The argument you might say if you want to protest starts with the taxpayer, in the sense that they have to be able to say 'well you know what, the house right next to me, their property tax assessment is much differnt than mine, I feel as the property owner that the assessment is higher than it should be.'"

Veterans who have not seen discounts reflected on their statements can protest that as well

Philanthropist and Paychex founder Tom Golisano, who is a billionaire, will also be challenging his assessment in the Town of South Bristol on Tuesday.

He has withheld $145,000 dollars in property and school taxes after he says he has received no assistance in dealing with his 'significant' geese problem.