Gleason Works Donates Equipment To RIT

Apr 11, 2015

Credit rit.edu/news

RIT is getting a big donation from Gleason Works. 

That company, which is involved in making tools used for the automotive and other industries is donating a half-million dollar piece of equipment to be used with RIT's engineering programs.

The so-called “gear hobbing machine” is designed to cut shaft and wheel-type work pieces, tooling processes necessary for the gears found in automobiles, airplanes, turbines and other commercial equipment. The machine is part of an upgrade to the lab that is used by the college’s undergraduates in mechanical engineering.

There is a close association between the university and the company. It's Kate Gleason College of Engineering is named after the daughter of the founder of the Gleason Corporation.

Edward Hensel is an associate dean at the engineering college and he says the donation of this equipment is crucial for students and faculty in those programs. 

“If we're going to produce graduates that are coming out of our program at the bachelor's and master's and doctoral level, they have to be exposed to the most current technology in order to be the most competitive in the marketplace."

John Perrotti is the President of Gleason. He says his company has a long history of working with RIT and he says Gleason also benefits from that research.

"Gleason like all manufacturing companies needs to continue to innovate. Continuous innovation is how we have prospered for 150 years. The pace and the rate of change in technology is greater and greater, I think all companies need to look to collaborate more."

Gleason officials also note that a number of their employees have come out of RIT, so the association has helped provide qualified staffers.