Event to transform frustration into activism returns for a second year

Apr 23, 2018

More than 40 Rochester area nonprofit and social justice organizations are participating in an activism fair next month.

They're looking to recruit new activists who are interested in social justice and political change, but aren't sure how to make a difference.

The second annual event is organized by Athesia Benjamin, an art teacher at Monroe Community College.

She said it was inspired last year by fears and frustrations about policies and actions of the Trump administration.

"Not just that, but how it's trickled down to how people interact with one another. I think people are just concerned with civility in this country. This is an opportunity to turn that concern and that frustration to people getting involved somewhere."

Benjamin said organizations representing communities of color were underrepresented at last year's activism fair, so she’s making a concerted effort to change that. 

The fair is scheduled for Saturday, May 5 at the Visual Studies Workshop on Prince St.