Downtown United Presbyterian Church to be Interim Homeless Shelter

Jan 13, 2015

Credit downtownpresbyterian.org

The Downtown United Presbyterian Church in Rochester is making space available for area homeless -- some of them were staying in tents under the Douglass-Anthony Bridge.

Gail Mott is a member of the church's justice team.

She says they recently voted to allow 15 people to stay in their gymnasium overnight for two weeks.

And the city has made an inspection and has approved the move.

She says a number of community partners have helped so they can provide shelter and meals for the homeless during a stretch of brutally cold weather.

The church has hired security and two volunteers will also be on hand.

Mott says she as far as she knows, some of the homeless that will be staying at the church were living in a tent encampment under the Douglass-Anthony bridge, but she can't say for sure.

With the outpouring from the faith community, Mott says they hope that will spur the city to act and establish a permanent shelter for the homeless.