Crews respond to damage after latest severe weather event

Oct 16, 2017

Trees in Irondequoit uprooted again after another severe storm
Credit Ruth Phinney

Rochester Gas and Electric says it continues to respond to widespread outages caused by Sunday's storms.

The damage caused by Sunday's event wasn't nearly as severe as last spring's windstorm, but many residents are still without power in towns like Irondequoit, where trees were uprooted once again.

Supervisor Dave Seeley says he drove around the town to assess the damage.

He says crews were able to quickly clear roadways from fallen tree limbs.

"(With) the high amount of rain, we did have some storm water sewers become overcome, but we were able to address those and mitigate those quickly.  So thankfully, with the exception of a few large trees that fell over and had an impact on some properties, we were nowhere near the scale of the March windstorm," he said.

Seeley says after that, and other severe weather events, residents are becoming more accustomed to going through the proper channels after a big storm.

"If it's health and life safety, it's 9-1-1.  If it's a tree or infrastructure issue it's the town DPW, and if it's a power issue, it's RG&E," he said.

RG&E says it expects to have the vast majority of its customers back on line by this evening.

Spokesperson Juanita Washington says the utility monitors the weather forecast and prepared well in advance for this storm.

"Everyone was already on standby, prepared, ready to work, ready to come in, and just ready to assist and make sure that we get customers, and our community back up as safe and as quickly as possible," she said.

About 800 personnel are working on restoring power.

Washington says they are looking at all of their systems after this latest storm, and it may take a few days to assess damage to the electrical grid.