Connections: Understanding What Sexual Harassment Victims Go Through

Jul 25, 2016

Roger Ailes is out as the head of Fox News, and his fall was precipitated by a sexual harassment suit from former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson. After Carlson's allegations surfaced, many Fox News employees rallied to defend Ailes, but when current star anchor Megyn Kelly reportedly made her own allegations, the floodgates opened. More women came forward. Fox News responded by publishing glowing handwritten notes from Carlson, while Ailes' allies pointed out that Kelly has repeatedly praised Ailes over the years. Even Donald Trump implied that the women alleging harassment are ungrateful.

So for those who wonder why an employee can suffer harassment and still praise the harasser, we discuss what sexual harassment victims commonly go through. Our guests:

  • Beth Cordello, employment law attorney with Pullano & Farrow
  • Jack Tuckner, attorney focusing on women's rights in the workplace, and founding partner of one of the first firms to focus its practice on workplace gender rights