Connections: Trump Surrogates Invoke Japanese Internment As Legal Precedent

Dec 7, 2016

Donald Trump's surrogates have cited Japanese internment camps as legal precedent for a potential Muslim registry. To say the least, this is a controversial defense of a so-called "Muslim ban," and it set off a storm of discussion about our own painful past.

A new exhibit at the University of Rochester explores this topic. “Internment: The Japanese-American Experience in World War II — A pilgrimage to WWII Japanese-American internment camps” is on view through December 11.

We try to learn from that past with our panel:

  • Joanne Bernardi, associate professor of Japanese and film and media studies, and head of the Japanese program at the University of Rochester
  • Notch Miyake, photographer and activist
  • Margaret Miyake, photographer and activist
  • Ken Warner, descendent of an American who was interned