Connections: The future of the Erie Canal

Jul 11, 2017

How often do you use the Erie Canal? Do you visit for recreation? Do you use it to transport massive tanks for beer fermentation? Okay, maybe not the latter. But hey: it's the Erie Canal Bicentennial, which gives us a good reason to do two things.

First, we have a frank discussion about the future of the canal -- who will use it, and how. Second, we explore the history. Wrapped up in this bicentennial is a series of events, which we also discuss. Our guests:

  • Brian Stratton, director of the NYS Canal Corporation
  • Beth Teall, chair of Cornhill Navigation
  • Scott Winner, executive director of the Fairport Perinton Partnership for a Better Community
  • Heidi McPherson, president of the College at Brockport