Connections: Feeding The Trolls

Oct 14, 2016

Don't feed the trolls? Social media can be ugly. This year, actor Leslie Jones quit Twitter until it went after her tormentors. There have been calls for more stringent policing. And The Atlantic Monthly's new cover story is about what happens when the trolls are ISIS, which uses social media to spread its terrible ideology. 

Our guests come from the upcoming Upstate Social Sessions in Rochester, where handling trolls is just one of many discussions on the agenda. We talk trolls, and preview other themes as well. Our guests:

  • Leah Stacy, conference organizer, and editor-in-chief and co-founder of Boomtown Table
  • Steve Carter, conference organizer and co-founder of Explore Rochester
  • Arien Rozelle, visiting assistant professor at St. John Fisher College
  • Rochelle Bilow, social media manager at Pinckney Hugo in Syracuse