Connections: Exploring "senior relevance"

Apr 23, 2018

In 2014, Roger Angell wrote a piece for the New Yorker called "This Old Man," where he explored life in his nineties. He wrote about coping with the loss of friends and family, and what it means to be relevant when you retire. He shared experiences talking with friends in their sixties where he felt invisible: “Honored, respected, even loved, but not quite worth listening to anymore. You’ve had your turn, Pops; now it’s ours.”

Our guests discuss how they are staying connected to the community after retirement, and what relevance means to them.

  • Phil Dawson, recent retiree
  • Zenia Brown, part-time receptionist for WXXI Public Broadcasting Council
  • David D’Ettore, part-time security officer for WXXI Public Broadcasting Council, and aspiring writer
  • Nancy Preston Stark, retiree and playwright
  • Deborah White, retiree