Conference connects healthcare workers to community resources to fight human trafficking

Jan 27, 2018

A conference created by five University of Rochester medical students aims to help fight human trafficking in Rochester.

Shea Nagle is one of those students and said after hearing that trafficking was an issue in Rochester, the students wanted to do something to help.

Nagle says health care workers have a unique opportunity to identify victims.

"Healthcare workers are crucial for identifying human trafficking victims because virtually everyone interacts with the healthcare system in some way, shape or form. Through getting sick, getting injured or needing just preventative care. "

The conference on Saturday was focused on helping providers spot signs of trafficking and share resources in the community to connect victims to so they get the help they need.

Nagle said over 200 physicians, nurses and social workers attended the conference.

The event’s keynote speaker was Dr. Parveen Parmar, an associate professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine at the University of Southern California. Her research focuses on health and human rights violations in refugee and internally displaced populations.