A community response to "Donald Trump’s hatred and racism” rallied Saturday

Feb 17, 2018

Credit WXXI News

A rally held Saturday afternoon called on the community to reject President Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric.

The event, held at the Central Church of Christ aimed to develop a united community response and to demand an apology regarding Trump's "ongoing hateful policies."

Demond Meeks helped organize the rally, he says historically Rochester didn’t stand by as a community and watch injustices take place, and that Trump’s comments are empowering those who agree with him.

“But we as a community, it’s up to we the people to let others know that it’s not socially acceptable. Hatred and racism must stop. And it begins with us. And we want to insure that our generation leaves the generations to come a better environment than the one that we have."

Credit WXXI News

Meeks pointed out that the diversity in the church shows the united front against Trump's words.

“I was talking to a young lady and she shared with me that she’s atheist. And she’s here. Its not a thing of what your belief system is, it’s about right and wrong.”

Over 50 local organizations supported the rally, including MetroJustice, Indivisible Rochester, and House of Mercy.

Sister Grace Miller was at the rally with House of Mercy, saying they were active in the event to call for stronger leadership and real democracy.

"He’s not a leader. He's supposed to be leading our country, he violates the constitution. Look what he does with women, the way he’s handling the refugees. I mean, for a leader of our country to denounce the poor, the people who need the most help, no one like that should ever be leading the United States of America."

She says the most frustrating thing about Trump's comments are that he seems to get away with them.

Ralliers say Trump's recent comments about Haiti and other poor nations are definitive proof of his racism. But Trump denies making either of the statements.