Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, October 18th

Oct 18, 2017

Credit Ganondagan

First hour: What we can learn about Native American culture by studying Native materials

Second hour: The Landmark Society's 2017 "Five to Revive" list

What kinds of stories can be told by studying material objects? In other words, what can we learn about a culture and its people based on the clothing, housing, tools, and art that they produce? That’s the focus of an upcoming symposium at Ganondagan. We’ll talk about what we can learn from Native materials. Our guests:

  • Michael Galban, curator and historian at the Seneca Art and Culture Center at Ganondagan, and organizer of the Symposium on Woodland Material Culture and Art
  • Mindy Magyar, assistant professor of industrial design at the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences at RIT

Then in our second hour, the Landmark Society of Western New York releases its 2017 Five to Revive list today. The historic properties selected for the list become priority projects for the Landmark Society, which will partner with owners, municipalities, and developers to rehabilitate the structures. The goal is to bring the properties back to prominence, and in turn, revitalize their neighborhoods and communities. We’ll discuss this year's selections with our guests:

  • Larry Francer, associate director of preservation for the Landmark Society of Western New York
  • Wayne Goodman, executive director of the Landmark Society of Western New York
  • Caitlin Meives, preservation planner for the Landmark Society of Western New York
  • Bret Garwood, chief operating officer for Home Leasing
  • Erin Anheier, Orleans County resident and member of the Five to Revive selection committee