Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, May 23

May 22, 2018

First hour: Discussing phase three of Reimagine RTS

Second hour: How are we teaching kids about healthy relationships?

The local public transportation system is about to change. "Reimagine RTS" is a year-long effort to revamp Rochester's public bus system to match community needs and desires. RTS just released phase three of the study. Phase three shares with the public the recommendations of RTS' consultant, and gathers more feedback. So what should we expect to change, based on phase three? More bus routes? A new system entirely? We'll find out with RTS CEO Bill Carpenter. 

Then in our second hour, after another mass school shooting, it has been reported that the gunman had been pursuing one of the female victims. While the reports have clashed, it's possible that the gunman felt rejected, and decided to murder the young woman for not accepting his advances. Our panel will discuss what we are teaching kids -- boys in particular -- about healthy relationships, and the rights of girls and women to say no. In studio:

  • Pamela Graham, prevention education and training coordinator for Willow Domestic Violence Center¬†
  • Meaghan de Chateauvieux, director of development and marketing for Willow Domestic Violence Center