Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, March 21

Mar 21, 2018

First hour: Women under Nazi rule

Second hour: Why haven’t we solved America’s hunger problem?

When we discuss the Holocaust and Nazi Germany’s tactics to create a so-called master race, we frequently talk about the atrocities committed in concentration camps. Holocaust survivors have come forward over the years to share their stories, with the hope that by understanding history, we can prevent it from repeating itself. But until recently, there were a number of stories that remained untold or at least, hidden. Those belong to the women who lived under Nazi rule — women whose reproductive rights were stripped away, and who became part of the Nazi Party’s systematic efforts to create an Aryan race. Scholar Beverley Chalmers spent a decade researching sterilization, sex abuse, rape, and extermination in Nazi Germany. She says as difficult as those stories are to hear, we don’t have the right to tune them out. Chalmers is in Rochester this week for several lectures, but first, she’s our guest on Connections. 

Then in our second hour, the author of a new book about food insecurity says food banks and food pantries were never meant to be permanent parts of our country. Andrew Fisher is a food security expert. He says food banks have become big business, and their ties to corporate America actually build on the underlying systemic issues that cause hunger. He joins us to discuss how he thinks anti-hunger programs need to change. We’ll also discuss the concept of the social purpose grocery, and how our community is addressing the root causes of hunger. In studio:

  • Andrew Fisher, author of Big Hunger
  • Daniel Bernhard, president of Mushroom Cloud
  • George Carothers, research and engagement at Mushroom Cloud
  • Mitch Gruber, chief program officer for Foodlink and member of Rochester City Council