Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, February 21

Feb 21, 2018

Credit Mikael Damkier

First hour: How small business are affected by the federal tax plan

Second hour: Challenges faced by homeless LGBTQ youth

The pro-business organization Unshackle Upstate has called for lower taxes and lighter regulations. We’ll look at their priorities in light of federal and state bills.

  • Greg Biryla, executive director, Unshackle Upstate
  • Seth Olney, owner of The Olney Place

Then in our second hour, research shows that LGBTQ youth make up a disproportionally high percentage of the homeless population across the nation, putting them at risk for discrimination, sex trafficking, and more. It's an issue affecting our community. Local organizations are pushing for more beds for this vulnerable population. We'll talk to them about their efforts, and we'll hear from people in our community who faced these challenges when they were homeless. 

  • Dr. Bill Valenti, M.D., senior vice president for organizational advancement, co-founder, and staff physician at Trillium Health
  • Elaine Spaull, executive director of the Center for Youth
  • Scotty Ginett, LGBTQ community leader