Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, November 14th

Nov 14, 2017


First hour: Discussing the GOP's new tax plan

Second hour: What hospitals can learn from the airline industry

Congress is debating a new tax plan that would bring changes for many American families. So how does it work? Who would benefit, and who would pay more? Our guests:

  • Congressman Tom Reed, (R) 23rd District
  • Michael Kink, executive director of the Strong Economy for All Coalition
  • Amit Batabyal, professor of economics at RIT

Then in our second hour, what can hospitals learn from the airline industry? Pilot and author John Nance says they can improve their quality of care and reduce medical mistakes if they adapt safety measures designed for airlines. He joins us in studio to explain how it would work.

  • John Nance, author of Why Hospitals Should Fly, and a lawyer, pilot, veteran, and ABC News analyst
  • Amie Kulak, director of quality and education for Rochester Regional Healthcare Association
  • Nancy Tinsley, president of Rochester General Hospital