Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, May 15

May 15, 2018


First hour: The debate over redevelopment at Cobbs Hill Village

Second hour: Keeping teenagers out of the criminal justice system

The debate over a proposed redevelopment project at Cobbs Hill Village continues, after Rochester City Council tabled a vote on the issue last week. Mayor Lovely Warren submitted an amended version of legislation to Council last Thursday. Developer Rochester Management wants to replace the current 60 apartments with 104 new units. Supporters say upgrades are needed, and the amended legislation would increase affordability of those new units. Those who oppose the project say the changes don’t go far enough, and redevelopment will result in a shortage of affordable housing options for senior citizens. They’ve filed a lawsuit against the city and the developer, among others, in state Supreme Court. This hour, we talk to people on both sides of the issue. In studio:

  • Peggy Hill, CEO of Rochester Management
  • Miriam Zinter, mortgage officer with The Community Preservation Corporation
  • Richard Rosen, architect
  • Lee Sengbush, president of the Cobbs Hill Village Tenants Association

Then in our second hour, we talk to teens involved with Rochester Teen Court. The program is in its 21st year and gives nonviolent teen offenders alternative sentencing in order to keep them out of the criminal justice system. Teen jurors recommend that sentencing for their peers. Our guests discuss the program, youth incarceration, Raise the Age, restorative justice, and more.

  • Judge Frank Geraci, Jr., Chief United States District Judge
  • Jahne Robinson, teen juror with Rochester Teen Court
  • Francis Pellegrino, teen attorney with Rochester Teen Court
  • Kendra Drake, program manager for Rochester Teen Court