Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, June 12

Jun 12, 2018


First hour: What do Americans get wrong about Canada?

Second hour: What's next for the former residents of the Hotel Cadillac?

President Trump has picked a fight with Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau. And sure, it was easy to rib the president when he mistakenly said that Canada burned down the White House in the War of 1812. But surveys show that most Americans know very, very little about one of our strongest allies. So what do Canadians think we get wrong about Canada? What should we know? Are they concerned about the shaky state of the relationship? Our guests are Canadians:

  • Jenn Beideman
  • Janey Harper
  • Sangeetha Appavoo
  • Dave Andreatta

Then in our second hour, the Hotel Cadillac has closed, but activists supporting former residents continue to protest how they say management company DHD Ventures handled the closure. Local shelters are working to find housing for the former residents, while saying the future of the Cadillac is a symbol of gentrification in Rochester. What's next for the property is unclear. We discuss it. In studio:

  • Don Adams, member of the Rochester Homeless Union
  • Nick Coulter, co-founder of Person Centered Housing Options (PCHO)
  • Ryan Acuff, Catholic worker at St. Joseph’s House of Hospitality, and member of the City-Wide Tenant Union of Rochester
  • John Nacca, attorney at Nacca Law Office