Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, December 26

Dec 26, 2017

Credit PRI

First hour: Innovation Hub: Buying The Holidays

Second hour: A Season's Griot

As 2017 comes to a close, we're taking a closer look at some of the hallmarks of our holidays. And since home is where the heart is, we visit Levittown, NY, the birthplace of the suburbs, where homeownership was made possible for (at least) some Americans. Then, you'll probably eat a Hershey's Kiss this Christmas. So how did one man bring chocolate to the U.S.?  Plus, our main streets have been slowly losing their retail stores for decades. We find out why and what's replacing them.

Then in our second hour, A Season's Griot is public radio's only nationally syndicated Kwanzaa program. Hosted for 22 years by acclaimed storyteller Madafo Lloyd Wilson, this annual one-hour special captures the tales and traditions of African American and African peoples.