Coming up on Connections: Thursday, March 8

Mar 8, 2018

First hour: How should active shooter drills be handled?

Second hour: Eating disorders in athletes

Students at Monroe Community College are expressing outrage after the college launched an active shooter drill on its Brighton campus this week without telling them the lockdown was planned. The college has since apologized for error and said it would ensure all future drills are identified. Many students took to social media, saying they feared for their lives. They say in today’s climate, all drills should come with a warning. But some critics say such drills are not effective if those involved know there isn’t an actual emergency; they say the anxiety produced by unannounced drills leads people to react authentically and take the instances seriously. We’ll talk about how active shooter drills should be handled with our guests:

  • Tony Perez, chief of public safety at MCC
  • Kevin Booker, MCC student
  • Irvin Williamson, MCC student
  • Audrey Sample, MCC student

A number of elite athletes have come forward in recent months to share their struggles with eating disorders. They say the pressure to win and maintain a specific body weight and shape put them on a dangerous path. We’ll talk about the symptoms of eating disorders in athletes, and the most effective ways to recognize and treat them. Our guests:

  • Dr. Katie Rizzone, M.D., sports medicine physician at URMC
  • Gina Giannetti, sports dietitian for URMC Sports Medicine
  • Ali Wilkosz, clinical director of The Healing Connection
  • Amy O’Sullivan, former college soccer player, and advocate for eating disorder awareness