Coming up on Connections: Thursday, July 12

Jul 12, 2018

Credit thinkprogress.org

First hour: Is centrism in politics dying?

Second hour: Summer of Food - Discussing the gender disparity in the culinary scene

Is centrism dying in politics? The primary victory of Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez has energized Democrats who argue for a slate of significant changes, starting with single-payer health care. Many Americans self-identify as centrists, but what does that mean? Our guests will debate whether centrism has value, or is just a dodge on pursuing one's ideals. 

  • Molly Clifford, member of Rochester City Council, and former chair of the Monroe County Democratic Party
  • Anthony Plonczynski Figueroa, chair of the 21st Legislative District, and co-founder of La Cumbre
  • Doug Jay, writer for the political commentary website Balloon Juice

Then in our second hour, our Summer of Food conversation examines the slow but steady increase of female chefs in American restaurants. The majority of restaurant chefs are men. Why is that? Our guests are women who work in the industry; they'll share their experiences, and offer ideas for young women who want to become leaders in restaurants. In studio:

  • Andrea Parros, owner and operator of The Red Fern
  • Emma Nguti, manager and head cook at Fusion 4 Restaurant and Bar
  • Candace Doell, chef de cuisine at Owl House
  • Anna Brinkman, chef de cuisine¬†at Atlas Eats
  • Voula Maria Katsetos-Stratton, owner of Voula's Greek Sweets