Coming up on Connections: Thursday, February 8

Feb 8, 2018

First Hour: Bail reform

Second Hour: Eddie Money and his new musical, Two Tickets to Paradise

Every day, thousands of New York residents stay in jail because they don't have the money for bail. Critics have railed against the system on numerous levels. First, they claim it's classist and racist. Second, they point to abuses that happen in jail. Third, they call for better rehabilitation as opposed to a purely punitive system. The League of Women Voters is hosting a public forum on the issue, and we'll preview it with some of their panelists:

  • Precious Bedell, founder and director of Turning Points Resource Center
  • Tim Donaher, Monroe County Public Defender
  • Gary Pudup, former leader with the New York Civil Liberties Union
  • Dylan Hayre, member of JustLeadership USA

Then in our second hour, Eddie Money is one of the biggest rock stars in American history, and he's still doing it. Only now, he's taking his act to Rochester in a new musical. Money fell in love with the stage at the performing arts center on Ridge Road when he was in town for the Lilac Festival, and now he's here to launch a world premier. We'll discuss his career, his successful battle with addiction, the new show, and more. There will be music. Our guests:

  • Eddie Money, yep, that Eddie Money
  • Dresden Engle, actor who plays Eddie Money's mother in the show