Coming up on Connections: Thursday, February 1

Feb 1, 2018


First hour: Why is this year's flu season worse than usual?

Second hour: The latest research on heart failure diagnosis and treatment

Federal health officials say this year’s flu season is more intense than previous years, and is still getting worse. The CDC predicts that it is on track to equal or surpass the 2014-2015 season, during which 56,000 Americans died.  So why is this year’s flu season worse than usual, and why is the virus more widespread? And how effective is the flu vaccine? Our panelists answer will your questions about the flu and treatment, and they'll discuss new research out of the University of Rochester dedicated to developing a universal flu vaccine. In studio:

  • Dr. Dave Topham, Ph.D., co-director of the New York Influenza Center of Excellence
  • Dr. Brenda Tesini, M.D., assistant professor of infectious diseases in the Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Dr. Edward Walsh, M.D., unit head of infectious diseases at Rochester General Hospital, and professor of medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center

Then in our second hour: According to the CDC, about 5.7 million American adults have heart failure, but cardiologists want patients to know it isn’t a death sentence. New research and treatment methods – including devices and other forms of technology – are helping patients live longer, healthier lives. Our guests discuss the latest research, and we’ll hear from a local heart transplant patient who will share her story. Our guests:

  • Dr. Scott Feitell, M.D., cardiologist at the Sands-Constellation Heart Institute at Rochester Regional Health
  • Jackie Fields, heart failure patient and heart transplant recipient
  • Dr. Antonio Perez, M.D., cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic