Coming up on Connections: Monday, October 9th

Oct 9, 2017

First hour: Controversy in Henrietta, the EEOC, and how filings about discrimination impact the workplace

Second hour: Should Columbus Day be changed to Indigenous People's Day?

There's controversy in Henrietta, where Town Supervisor Jack Moore is being criticized for allegedly making racially-insensitive remarks. The EEOC investigated the complaints in late September and determined that several had merit. Now, some residents are calling for his resignation. Moore's supporters say the timing is political with the upcoming election, and members of the Henrietta Roadrunners Association Union say 82 percent of their group supports Moore.  We'll discuss the complaints, how the EEOC works, and how discrimination filings impact the workplace. Our guests:

  • Reverend Ruben Goff, Henrietta resident
  • Larry Knox, organizer with SEIU
  • Iman Abid, Henrietta resident
  • Justin Cordello, employment law attorney with Cordello Law PLLC
  • Chuck Marshall, employee for the Town of Henrietta who supports Jack Moore

Then in our second hour, it's the second Monday in October, and while many cities and states celebrate Columbus Day, others have officially changed the holiday to Indigenous Peoples' Day. There is a movement in cities across the nation to make such a change in an effort to celebrate Native Americans, their history, and their culture. Many people who support Indigenous Peoples' Day say we shouldn't celebrate Columbus -- a man who promoted slavery and was responsible for the genocide of Native Americans. Yet, some Italian Americans who defend Columbus Day say scrapping the holiday would be an affront to their heritage. This hour, we'll discuss the holiday, what it means, and how schools teach Native American history. We'll also talk about a new textbook, Native American: A History.

  • Peter Jemison, historic site manager for Ganondagan
  • Michael Oberg, distinguished professor of history at SUNY Geneseo, and author of Native America: A History