Coming up on Connections: Monday, December 18

Dec 18, 2017

Credit Mikael Damkier

First hour: Combating the bullying epidemic

Second hour: Rochester and Western New York's favorite books of 2017

A number of recent incidents involving students being bullied has once again pushed the epidemic into national headlines. The video of an 11-year-old bullying victim in Tennessee went viral after his mother posted it to Facebook. In the video, Keaton Jones describes how his classmates called him ugly, poured milk on him, and shoved food down his clothes. This comes after 13 year old Rosalie Avila of California and 10 year old Ashawnty Davis of Colorado took their own lives after their families say they were bullied. Why do kids bully other kids? And what will it take to combat this epidemic? Our guests will help us understand the impacts of bullying, and we'll explore the research and methods behind anti-bullying efforts. Our guests:

  • Brenda McQuillan, assistant professor of social work at Roberts Wesleyan College, and mental health therapist at Justice for Children's Advocacy Center
  • Alexandra Wilkosz, clinical director of the Healing Connection
  • Jordan Dube, survivor of bullying and local wilderness educator
  • Miranda Cologgi, parent of a survivor of bullying

We continue an annual Connections tradition by talking to members of the Rochester community about their favorite books of the year. We'll hear about a range of genres, while getting some insight into how our guests think, what they read, and why. And we want to hear from you! Call (844-295-8255) or email (connections@wxxi.org) the program to talk about your favorite book that you've read this year. In studio:

  • Kyle Semmel, executive director of Writers & Books
  • Leslie Youngblood, writer
  • Candice Hudson, teacher at Northwood Elementary School in Hilton
  • Tony Leuzzi, poet and associate professor of English at Monroe Community College